: Buy the Premium Quality Adult Sex Toys in Thailand

From a fishing village during the 60s, the city of Pattaya has now transformed into a breathtaking location, attracting innumerable people from all over the world. Currently, it holds a population of 3.2 lakhs and is counted among the most popular Thai cities. Amongst all these, the city is aware of what its people want to stay happy, satisfied and most importantly, safe.

Pattaya Pleasure is an online adult toys store that is currently serving men, women and couples in having a stable sex life. This online sex toy shop in Pattaya cares for everyone who wants to eradicate all sorts of sexual problems. Accordingly, doing adult sex toys shopping in Pattaya would bring one the safest and most effective adult products that would make a considerable difference in one’s life.


What are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are erotic objects, items or accessories that are used to activate sexual feelings within a human being. There are different sex toys for different genders with different functionalities.


Sex Toys For Men

Single men have a specific category of products for diverse purposes. There are plenty of single men who prefer masturbating multiple times a day. On the other hand, some men are not happy with their small penis while some complain about erection.

So, Pattaya Pleasure brings all such sex equipment, sex dolls, accessories and other sex toys for men in Pattaya who can buy them here online.


Sex Toys For Women

Girls have no reason to stay deprived of a happy sex life as Pattaya Pleasure brings an amazing collection of sex toys for women. There are several sexual challenges faced by women daily. To confront these challenges and make women more confident and happy on bed, this online adult toys store has brought all sorts of female sex toys.

Whether it’s about clitoral stimulation or getting quicker orgasm, women will get everything from vibrators, vaginal massagers to erotic underwear and more among the female erotic toys.


Sex Toys For Couples

Taking about the couples, Pattaya Pleasure also has specific sex toys for them. These couple sex toys are intended to be used in case of partners only. Many couples fail to reach out to each other about their sexual desires. Here the sex toys for couple in Pattaya come into play and help partners reunite with more passion and warmth.

It may be regarding anal love, BDSM or any sort of lovemaking scene among couples for whom this sex toy shop in Pattaya Pleasure brings its wide range of adult products.


How to Use Sex Toys?

Many people think that using sex toys is very complex. Some are led to believe that these toys have so many features that operating them is not that easy. Well, the reality says that sex toys are very easy to use.

Call up a Sales Executive for Assistance

Different products have different usage procedures. Some products come with the user manual while some don’t need instructions at all. However, if you think you are not able to use particular sex toy, you can always call up the Sales Executive here at Pattaya Pleasure. These professionals will provide you guidance and help you know how to use a sex toy.

Just make sure not to misuse it any way. Most importantly, keep it to yourself and don’t let other use it. This would affect your sexual hygiene and might even cause skin complications. So, if you have queries regarding using a sex toy bought from Pattaya Pleasure, call us and we will help you


Can you Buy Sex Toys in Thailand?

Thailand is a huge nation with plenty of vibrant cities, and believe it or not, you will still find it easier to shop for sex toys in Thailand. It’s not only in Pattaya but you will also be able to buy sex toys in Phuket, Bangkok and anywhere in Thailand.

Despite, what might bother you is whether you are safe while shopping for adult toys in Thailand. Well, you must know that buying such toys from an online sex toys shop in Thailand is safe. We just don’t make big promises to keep our customers happy but we do keep them. In fact:

• We keep no hidden policies

• We keep no hidden costs

• We don’t sell used products

• We help customers pay safely

• We interact with customers for all sorts of problems

Therefore, there are no complications in buying adult toys Thailand online, which you can be assured about while shopping from an online sex toys shop in Thailand.


Where to Buy Sex Toys in Bangkok?

Just like you can buy online sex toys in Pattaya, it’s also easy to do so from an online sex toy shop in Bangkok. Just imagine how big and bustling the city is and despite, you will find the most high-quality erotic gadgets in Bangkok with just a few clicks.

At a sex toy store in Bangkok, you will also find sex toys for men, women and couples along with lube and herbal products and unique sex gadgets for singles and couples.

If you are concerned about the payment modes, just relax and sit back. While buying sex toys in Bangkok, you can avail the most flexible payment modes like Debit and Credit Card. The transactions made here while buying adult sex toys online would be quite flexible and kept completely confidential.


Our Top Collection of Sex Toys at Pattaya Pleasure

If you are willing to shop for sex toys in Pattaya from Pattaya Pleasure, the complete collection of products listed below will give you an idea on what to shop for your sexual needs. Have a look:


Sex Toys For Women - Accessories For WomenNeeds For Women

Women have plenty of sex toys and gadgets here to shop from. The top ones are, however, listed here that would be great for gifting women a blessed sex life. Take a look:

Dildo Vibrators

Having considered being one of the most popular sex toys for women, dildo vibrators are nothing but vibrating dildos. The collection is huge to browse at Pattaya Pleasure.

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrator is a powerful female solo gadget that results in a perfect double orgasm for girls

Rabbit Vibrators

According to the name, these vibrators come with a rabbit embossed on it. This is intended to trigger the vaginal tickles and create sensations for women.

Glass Dildo

Made of Pyrex, glass dildos are among the favourites for women. These dildos are easy to clean and good to look as well.

Vibrating Panty

A remote-controlled adult sex accessory for women, it can be worn just like one wears her undergarments. She feels the tickles on being operated through the remote.

The list does not end here since there are other sex accessories for women like Artificial Hymen, GoGirl Urinate Device, Menstrual cups, and more.

Keep browsing our store and have fun shopping for more sex toys for women in Pattaya.


Sex Toys For Men - Needs For Men

Men will now be able to give their sex life a good shape with some great sex toys and gadgets at Pattaya Pleasure. The following are the male sex toys that would be good enough to help men perform well on bed:

Fleshlight Masturbators

A well-known masturbator for men, Fleshlights are famous for their lifelike vaginas moulded according to those of the pornstars.

Silicone Love Dolls

Sex dolls made of good quality silicone are all here at Pattaya Pleasure. Men will love their lifelike features and horny look.

Cock Rings

These are rings worn around the base of the penis. The objective behind wearing a cock ring is having good erection.

Penis Extender Sleeve

A penis extender sleeve is like a condom that is worn over the penis. It is worn to both increase sexual pleasure and enhance the penis size in length and width.

Big Artificial Vagina

Devised to extend the size of the male penis, these penis enlarger devices are very safe to use and effective in function.

There are more sex toys for men in Pattaya for which you need to explore our online adult shop.


Sex Toys For Couples

It would be unfair if singles keep getting everything they want in bed. Pattaya Pleasure has a groundbreaking range of couple sex toys as well. The range of couple toys mentioned below assures to add dozes of excitement to your sex life:

Bondage Toys

Bondage sex stands out from other forms of lovemaking. Couples will be delighted to shop from the range of bondage toys here at Pattaya Pleasure.

Anal Dildos

There is nothing crazier than anal dildos. These are designed to trigger the wildest anal adventures among couples.


It can be worn by both men and women around the waist. It comes with a harness and a dildo.

To know more about couple sex toys in Pattaya, you can check our Toys for Couple category.


Final Words

So, have you finally decided what sex toys to add to your shopping cart? If you still haven’t, just relax. There is no hurry as you can take time and explore our online adult toys shop, Pattaya Pleasure. Once done, you can execute your shopping plans.

If you feel you need to talk to our Sales Executive over the phone, please reach us without any hesitation and we will help you. Contacting us through email will also do.

Now start shopping for sex toys in Pattaya to make your naughty dreams come alive.

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about 4 days
Apiradi T.
Ultimate Inflatable Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-010
Ultimate Inflatable Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-010
Color SKIN Insertable Length 3.2 Dia 4.9 Weight 226 gms. Imported From UK
It makes me happy
Hi girls, I am very excited to have a unique and real-like mature toy that makes the private hours very entertaining. It is very long and flexible and can be inflated easily. The toy is absolutely safe for the internal area.
about 10 days
Davika H.
It is safe for the skin as well
Hello girls, this is my first purchase from this website and so I love this wand very much. The toy is long, thick and soft that can be entered from both the sides.
about 18 days
Suwanan K.
Double Dong Ultra Flexi RSNV-001
Double Dong Ultra Flexi RSNV-001
Color SKIN Insertable Length 4 Dia 5 Material CYBERSKIN SILICONE Weight 411 gms. Imported From UK
I love this double dong dildo
I am not single but still I love to have some amount of extra fun in bed by using the double dong dildo. I love the colour of my dildo as it is very light and also my favourite. The toy teases the right area without difficulty.
about 27 days
Orapin S.
Very erotic vibrator for female
I love the intimate moments very much and it happened all after I bought this nice and unique realistic vibrator. Seriously, the meaning of life has changed as I can now don’t have to depend on my partner or create a pressure for attaining pleasure.
about 1 month
Fatemah A.
I love this vibrator
All the time I feel frustrated I want to have something relaxing and fun at the same time. So, this vibrator stopped me from further scrolling and I just bought it. The mature toy is a pleasurable one. The single vibrating mode makes it easy to operate and also perfectly stimulates the privates.
about 1 month
Qahira A.
Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand DV-041
Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand DV-041
Color WHITE Total Length 12 Insertable Length NA Dia 7.3 Material SILICONE + FIBRE Rechargable yes Wireless Yes...
It is relaxed me a lot
Lonely life is not boring rather I have got something special for me. The vibrating massager is a wonderful toy that helps me to have pleasurable vibes. I use it as a masager that gives me wild sensation whenever I play with it. The white colour is also nice
about 1 month
Nay T.
Lovemaking is now more erotic as I have this edible cream with me
Both I and my partner enjoy a lot after applying this cream on our private parts. The creams have helped to improve the intimate moments a bit more and both of us are happy as well. The on-time delivery of the product has helped me a lot.
about 1 month
Vivian L.
This is an herbal oil that helps us in various ways
Massage is the best thing for everyone. So, I bought this Thai herbal product for us. My husband feels relaxed from the stress whenever I massage the oil. Sometimes when I feel the pain he massages the oil and the pain lessens. Moreover, it also makes us naughty as well.
about 2 months
Qamar G.
It makes me very naughty
My life is full of experiments and so I bought this steel ring from this website. It looks nice as the body is made of metal and the ball ends are perfect to hold on to the skin perfectly. It gives no pain and makes me quite naughty as well. My boyfriend loves to see me wearing this ring as it makes me quite erotic.
about 2 months
Andrea L.
I am too excited to it
I am feeling so excited to have the anal dildo. The beads are just mind-blowing and give me perfect stimulation. The vibrations take me to a different height of pleasure. The colour of the device is also very sweet.
about 3 months
Pim T.
I just relax myself from any kind of stress by playing with it
I just enjoy getting vibes for stimulating my nerves. So, nothing can be more pleasurable than a vibrating massager and that I chose with its first look only. The colour is white and of my choice too.
about 3 months
Areerat C.
It is washable and also environment friendly
I am very much worried about the right kind of alternative for me and my sister. Then I found this moon period cup on this online store which solved my problem. It is very easy and moreover it can be used by both me and my sister.
about 3 months
Kulap S.
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Height 4 Feet Material SILICONE Weight 20 kg.
She looks stunning any dress as well
Loneliness in absence of my partner is not disturbing me anymore. This is all because of the realistic girl that helps to attain pleasure in absence of my partner. The soft and naturalistic skin makes me feel like I am with my own girl.
about 3 months
Mrs. V.
Just you have to act a bit to make it feel real
Making someone feel like having a physical relationship for the 1st time is awesome. So, I bought this artificial hymen after me and my boyfriend decided to have an intimate relationship. Believe me; it gives perfect satisfaction as it promises. From tight feelings to bleeding, everything is present.
about 4 months
Mrs. D.
I am so grateful for this device
Nothing can be so pleasurable than getting a real-like vibrating dildo. Yes, this is a brilliant toy that perfectly pinpoints my private areas. The vibrations are just awesome. Moreover, its flexible and soft body makes me feel that I am with someone special.
about 4 months
Mr. Y.
Thank you for making me the centre of attraction in the party
I am not able to attract my love towards me. So, I was desperately looking for a solution. This is the time I was suggested by my friend to buy this product from your website. Well, I was out of clue about this product and had doubts. However, thank you to clear the doubts with few sprays only. Last week I went to my office party and applied it a little. Not only her but also each and everyone complimented me.
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