Website Affiliation

Website Affiliation

The new adult toys store in Pattaya is making news among the Thai online shoppers. It has been dealing in diverse mature toys for not only singles but also couples. Behind this stands responsible is the website that has allured a good number of online shoppers.

So, here are a few offers to all those who wish to be a part of us:

             We are available for anyone who wants to endorse our website. It can be done through any organization or business. Please email us or call us with details.

             We have consent to promote our products through social media. We would need details from those who are willing to do so.

             We are flexible with promotion of our website images or products by an individual or an organization. Let us know through an email having details about it.

             We are available to accept any sort of campaign in relation to our services. Please send us details in an email.

             We are flexible to be approached by all sorts of businesses, be it local or international. If interested, please send us details by means of an email.

If you have queries in relation to website affiliation:

Our Email address: [email protected]  

Call us at +66 990231239

WhatsApp us at +66 990231239