Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Heartiest greeting from Pattaya Pleasure! We have brought to your notice all our privacy policies that must be known to every individual who is willing to shop from our store. Hence, one must read and understood these policies before making any purchase from us. Have a look:

Customer Details are Kept Confidential

We value our customers a lot. Hence, it’s our responsibility to keep all their data hidden from being accessed by unknown sources. For instance, it can be the name of the customer, his mail ID, his postal address etc. When the customer logs in to our website, we require the necessary details for verification and safety.

Customer Data Processing is Done Legally

Pattaya Pleasure does not have any secondary intention to gather data of customers. All the data it needs is just to ensure convenience for the user. Also, this would be helpful for customers to make any sort of legible claims in future. We usually gather details like the name of the user, his gender, his delivery address, phone number, bank account details and a few more.

Customer Data Accumulation is Essential

We have valid reasons behind collecting the data of our users. These data are required to look after various aspects of the website, receive payments, identify any illegal activity on the website, and send essential information in regard to our services. So, it is very important for customers to provide us true information.

No Third Party Interference

Pattaya Pleasure may require the current order details from its customers. This can simply be done by logging into his/her account through which the data can be retrieved. However, sharing this data with a third party will not be entertained under any circumstance. In such cases, Pattaya Pleasure will not be held responsible.

We are well equipped with technical as well as security measures. The intention behind this is to restrict access to customer information by unauthorized sources. We have an upgraded server where we would keep all your data safeguarded. Guarded with firewalls, our server will keep our users away from risks during online or electronic payments.

We have our Copyright

We have copyright for every policy we have created so that there is no third party interference in our business. In case one tries to violate any law, we would go for legal steps if necessary.

We have the authority to make significant changes in our policy that might result in adding or subtracting any clause. For this, we also are not responsible to inform anyone about the changes.